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Vetriolo “WonderSound” is an audio production- and post-production studio working in the field of advertising.

Set up in 1983, the studio can boast a wealth of experience working with ad agencies, video production- and post-production studios and companies in general

Sala MC ::.


Euphonix System 5-MC a 16 fader with Surround panning

Pre-amplifier/strip-channel AMEK 9098

Analogic compressor TFpro p8 "Edward the Compressor"

Convertitori ADAT LUCID

Black Burst Generator ELPRO

Universal Synchronizer C-LAB timemachine


ISDN link CDQ Prima

Source Connect: wondersound

Skype: vetriolo.wondersound

DAW Nuendo 10

plug ins: WAVES Mercury Bundle and many others...

speakers: Dynaudio Acoustic / Adam A7 / Tivoli

 .:: Sala B - The music cave


Yamaha Mixer 01v96

speakers: MACKIE HR824

samples libraries (AKAI, ROLAND, YAMAHA)

DAW: Nuendo, Logic, Pro Tools

real and virtual instruments: horns, guitars, 

keyboards, synth... etc.

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